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Shanghai made friction stir welding production line exported to Sweden

Learned from the Shanghai Academy of space technology, the hospital 149 days before and factory equipment company Sapa (SAPA) Swedish company signed a final acceptance agreement. Thus, the equipment company developed the first domestic friction stir welding production line officially delivered in Sweden finspang factory equipment company, the "child" is the first foreign account".

Since the introduction of friction stir welding technology in Europe in 2001 for the production of products, by the year 2016 self-developed friction stir welding production line exported to europe. 16 years, Shanghai Aerospace made "the creation of the world" event, but also highlights the "made in Shanghai" high-end equipment influence. Friction stir welding (Friction Stir, referred to as FSW) was invented in 1991 in the British Welding Institute, is an efficient, low consumption, low cost, in line with the requirements of environmental protection of solid-state welding technology. In the past more than and 10 years, it has been widely used in aerospace field, and applied to the production of aerospace products.

In 2001, 149 factory to friction stir welding technology research and application of product development work, and began to use to develop investment type products in February 2006 and September of the same year, enterprise development and accreditation by the first domestic enterprises -- "standard of friction stir welding of aluminum and Aluminum Alloy stirring friction welding technical conditions", fill the blank of friction welding technical standards on mixing domestic aluminum and Aluminum Alloy.

After the introduction of friction stir welding equipment, Shanghai Aerospace 149 factory has created a number of "first"". In April 2007, the 149 factory of friction stir welding successfully the first domestic carrier tank bottom sectional longitudinal seam. In January 2008, China's new generation of carrier rockets first friction stir welding bottom in the 149 factory smoothly through the pressure strength test, the bottom of the six sectional longitudinal seam first adopts numerical control friction stir welding process, to fill the domestic blank.