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The application research of friction stir welding on general aircraft

AVIC Flying North China Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. and Hebei University Of Science and Technology to build a general aviation industry key engineering laboratory signing ceremony. The Key Laboratory of Hebei University Of Science and Technology discipline group will rely on the resources and caiga North China Aircraft Industrial Company R & D, set up professional counterparts in the scientific research and engineering team, the development of general aviation industry in Hebei province technical support platform.

It is reported that the application of friction stir welding on the application of general aircraft project in May 30th this year, through the expert group review, access to the aircraft general aviation Co., Ltd. special support funds 30 million 750 thousand yuan support.

This project focuses on the general aircraft (500 aircraft, five hawk B aircraft and seagull 300 aircraft etc.) to reduce the use of standard parts, the number of body structural weight, improve body surface quality, increase payload index, simplify the process, system to carry out research on Application of friction stir welding, friction stir welding technology in general aircraft design, the manufacture of. Mainly through the typical structure optimization design, technology application research and verification, in order to obtain general aircraft structural materials commonly used (LY12, 7075 Aluminum Alloy) for the friction stir welding technology application of structure optimization method, technological process, process equipment, process parameters and friction stir welding joint static, fatigue, fracture toughness, damage tolerance and the corrosion resistance data, the formation of general aircraft structure friction stir welding (FSSW) design, welding process and inspection standard, airworthiness verification method, the establishment of China's general aviation aircraft friction stir welding structure analysis and verification platform, test, trial production capacity of stirring friction welding formed the typical structure of products.