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Academician Liu Youmei And His Entourage Went To The Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. To Investigate And Exchange

Recently, Academician Liu Youmei and his entourage went to the research and exchange of aerospace engineering equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang Xinyun, chairman of the equipment company, Yang Guoshun, general manager and Wang Jin, deputy general manager attended the meeting and accompanied the delegation to visit the company. Welding production workshop, Academicians Liu listened with interest and from time to time questions, listened carefully to our friction stir welding technology, equipment development, process research and series of products introduced.

Academician Liu Youmei has served as the first and second generation of China's electric locomotive overall design, presided over and organized the third and fourth generations of China's electric locomotive development and development of the whole process, so that China's electric traction technology and equipment to achieve from the general to heavy load , Often to high speed, AC-DC transmission to AC drive, four historical exports to the import across. The exchange of information on the exchange of equipment companies hopes to expand the scope of cooperation and depth of cooperation with China Aerospace in the background of the policy of military and civilian integration and make efforts in the direction of strategic cooperation so as to initially discuss their respective talents, markets, Resource advantages, strive to use their own advantages and more results faster results.

At the exchange meeting, Yang Guoshun, general manager, briefed Liu and his entourage on the status quo of Friction Stir Welding Equipment Company and the company's manufacturing experience in rail transportation so that the other party could fully understand and recognize the company's equipment manufacturing capabilities and welding technology. Academician Liu and accompanying professor of Tongji University Track Institute spoke highly of the achievements of Friction Stir Welding Equipment Company in the development of rail transit applications.

Through this research exchange, the academician Liu Youmei fully understand and understand the company's friction stir welding equipment manufacturing strength and welding strength, and admits that the future will have the opportunity to work with both parties to carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation, win-win development .


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