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Advantages Of Friction Stir

Friction stir welding is a solid connection, is a kind of welding method of NC machine tool based on the model, whether it is operating, or accuracy, or no environmental pollution has an irreplaceable advantages.

First of all, friction stir welding technology is achieved in the plastic state of the material, the product has a high degree of uniformity of the weld seam, weld hot crack, no inclusions, no pores and other welding defects.

Secondly, the friction stir welding technology using automatic mechanical equipment for welding, to avoid the operator skilled dependence, to achieve a full position welding automation, improve work efficiency.

Third, the friction stir welding technology does not need to deal with the special treatment of welding products, no groove, filling materials and protective gas, simplifying the welding process.

Fourth, the friction stir welding process does not produce smoke, splash, UV and electromagnetic radiation and other defects, to achieve the welding process of green, environmentally friendly and harmless.

Fifth, the residual stress of friction stir welding is low, and it has no deformation, and the welding property is close to the base metal.