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Aerospace Friction Stir Welding Technology Won The First Prize Of National Defense Science And Technology Progress

For the field of space, a new technology only out of the laboratory, fly on the blue sky, it is really a practical application of engineering. By 2009, 211 assembly plant three C rocket successfully launched. The first application of the friction stir welding tank the rocket longitudinal joints, this is the first time to accept the technology in the field of space flight test "the real thing".

After the completion of the friction stir welding industry standards, immediately embarked on its application to engineering, in order to promote the overall level of the tank manufacturing.

However, this new technology is very "young", and the design parameters, the active carrier rocket welding method is fixed, even if only the application of friction stir welding in a weld, also face the challenge of the unknown, under great pressure. Each member of the team's work is more serious and careful, hand over the beautiful report card: rocket storage tank tube longitudinal seam welding a pass rate of up to 90%, the joint performance greatly improved...... After the on-site review, "gold rocket" - three long-range rocket engineer, designers are very satisfied with the quality of friction stir welding, friction stir welding technology agreed to use in the one or two tank on the long march rocket, flight check.

Since then, the factory opened friction stir welding for Flight Evaluation of the journey, and summed up the mature one, the implementation of a "engineering application of the model, the friction stir welding technology used in which the weld conditions, immediately from the research team to the production team, in the design of personnel under the support of the flight test. This model shortens the cycle of the popularization and application of the new technology, but also to create a perfect combination of scientific research and production of the "team of veteran soldiers and able captains".

This model by the group's chief welding expert grasp the direction, a group of technical experts for specific technical support, led the technical backbone of higher education at the same time, collocation super, senior staff skills, the whole team hierarchy, reasonable collocation. Since 2009, the engineering application of the factory have already realized the rocket tank bottom, longitudinal seam longitudinal seam, the bottom of the friction stir welding, and repeatedly refresh the friction stir welding in the domestic aerospace flight record of success".