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Development Of Friction Welding Technology

The use of friction welding originated more than and 100 years ago, after more than half a century of research and development, friction welding technology is gradually mature, and into the promotion and application stage. Since the 50s of last century, the welding of the welding joint has been paid, and its high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and environmental protection has been paid attention to by all industrial countries. Friction welding research in China began in 1957, the birthplace of Harbin Welding Institute, is one of the first countries in the world to carry out friction welding research, has made many remarkable achievements [1].

The main advantages of friction welding technology are summarized as follows:

(1) the joint is of good quality and stability. The welding process is controlled by the machine, the parameters are easy to be monitored, the repeatability is good, and it is not dependent on the technical level and working attitude of the operator. The welding process does not melt, hot pressing is a solid state welding, joint for wrought organization, so the weld does not appear porosity, segregation and inclusions, cracks and other crystal defects casting, welding joint strength is far greater than the strength of welding, brazing, reach or even exceed the strength of base metal;

(2) high efficiency. Welding preparation usually is not high, easy automation welding equipment, can be produced in the pipeline, each welding time in seconds, generally only a few tenths to tens of seconds, is compared to other welding methods such as welding and soldering can;

(3) energy saving, material saving and low consumption. The required power is only 1/5 ~ 1/15 of the traditional welding process, no welding rod, flux, brazing filler metal, protective gas, no need to add metal, and no consumption of electrode;

(4) good weldability. Especially suitable for the welding of dissimilar materials, compared with other welding methods, friction welding has a unique advantage, such as steel and copper, steel and aluminum, steel and brass, etc.;

(5) environmental protection, no pollution. Welding process does not produce smoke or harmful gases, no splash, no light and sparks, no radiation.