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Shanghai Launched A New Generation Of Friction Stir Welding Technology Began To Promote The Application

Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. After years of research and development of friction stir welding technology, focusing on breaking the thick plate welding, 3D welding, weld tracking, constant pressure control, no "keyhole" welding and other key technologies, With completely independent intellectual property rights of the invention patents. The technology after more than a dozen companies to prove the use of good performance, to fill the gaps, breaking the developed countries of China's technology blockade, and the price relative to foreign advanced equipment to reduce more than 30%.

Recently, the technology is responsible for the promotion of the Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, Min Guoquan told reporters that although the results from the military, but after further development and improvement can be widely used in civilian industries, therefore, the Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute will And Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Factory together to transform and promote this result. Min Guoquan said that the friction stir welding technology is based on a micro-area forging solid-phase welding technology, the material in the welding process will not melt. This new technology has the characteristics of low stress, small deformation, green, low energy consumption and so on, especially for the series of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and other low melting point of light alloy welding manufacturing, welding technology is a breakthrough revolution.

According to reports, the advantages of friction stir welding technology is very obvious. Compared with the traditional melting welding technology, friction stir welding technology advantages, economic advantages and environmental protection advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:

First, solid-phase welding process, weld mechanical properties: no pores, no alloying elements burning, no heat cracking; joint strength than most of the melting welding joints, and joint performance is good.

Second, the welding process is simple: friction stir welding similar to the complete mechanical processing, no welding preparation process, equipment maintenance is simple. And is fully automated operation; no welding protection gas and wire; welding assembly and welding before the clean-up requirements are not high, can be welded at any location.

Third, the physical properties of welded joints, such as conductive, thermal conductivity and base metal consistent, weld color and base metal consistent.

Fourth, will not pollute the environment: no arc, smoke and spatter hazards; no UV and electromagnetic radiation hazards; lower energy consumption; no noise, the processing process is almost completely in a quiet state.

Fifth, high efficiency: a welding thickness of more than 75mm welding consumables, compared with the traditional welding technology, the lower the incidence of defects can greatly reduce the repair rate, and can be re-welded to eliminate defects. In the aluminum alloy welding process, per ton of artificial can be reduced by 15%. It is reported that the use of this welding technology in the Delta rocket tank, you can save 60% of the welding costs, working hours reduced from 23 days to 6 days. Large-scale complex structure of aluminum alloy components using friction stir welding technology, tooling construction costs from 61% to 19%;

Six is not easy to deformation, welding deformation is only one twelfth of the traditional melting welding. Data show that friction stir welding for the GT car central aluminum alloy components manufacturing, joint strength than welding increased by 30%. The use of friction stir welding technology to create aircraft body, the weld per meter can lose 0.9 kg.